Maria was just like any fitness enthusiast, who maintains a healthy lifestyle. But her competitive streak made her set bigger goals and get more out of her time at the gym. Maria wanted to enter a bikini competition, but the information overload about how to prepare for it was only confusing her. After signing up for the Body Beautiful weight loss plan, she learned exactly what to do and was ready to hit the stage in just 3 months!

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I am so proud of today’s transformation! Maria found Body Beautiful while researching how to prepare for her very first bikini competition and was amazed by looking at our client’s results.

The process of getting ready for a show is extremely intense, the weight loss plan that Maria was following was not a piece of cake! She had to push hard during each workout and eat very healthy for the past 3 months.

But with her incredible dedication and positive attitude, she kept up with it. She did not give up until the end and she did not let the harder moments get in the way of achieving her goal.

And there were A LOT of hard moments.

One time she messaged me and was extremely upset, because she went out and was talked into by her friends to have a couple of bites of a cake. The couple of bites quickly became more than just a couple…

“Did I fail my weight loss plan? Do I need to start over?” She asked.

“Don’t beat yourself up over it, what’s done is done and you can’t change it. At this point, just keep up with the plan like nothing happened. If you keep regretting it, it will be harder to follow the program. Instead, just learn from this experience and that way, you will make sure it won’t happen again.” I answered.

The truth is, getting in shape, and especially in the BEST shape of your life is never easy. It is also more of a mental challenge than it is physical one. Physically, your body is strong enough to withstand the workload. But, mentally it is a whole different story. Your social life may suffer, because you are not going out as much, constant cravings and just being “on” every week are just some of the factors that make the process difficult.

Is it worth it? I don’t know, you tell me. Do you want to finally get in shape instead of starting over each time?

Maintaining your shape is a lot easier than getting in shape. You can get away with working out just 2-3 times per week and be more liberal with your diet during your maintenance phase. So 12 weeks of hard work? I’ll take that!


Here is the exact weight loss plan that Maria was following:


And here is a little secret to a successful weight loss plan – it must have two components:

1) Weekly accountability

2) A maintenance plan that follows the weight loss plan

I wrote an entire blog about it so make sure you read it here.

Maria’s plan was no different, we measured results each week and made sure to tweak the plan each time she hit a plateau and she is now following her maintenance plan to lock in those results for good!

Simple? Yes.

Hard work? Yes.

Worth it? YES!

Here is what she had to say about it:

“I would have never even dreamed about it without this amazing team work. My life changed in such a positive way. I feel happy every day as I have my goal to be on stage and I love feeling healthy. And with all of it Build My Body Beautiful helps me to do it. I am very thankful for all the motivation, trainning and diet.If you want to change your life, do not wait until tomorrow!”

You can learn more about the Online Competition Prep weight loss plan and see what is involved


But if preparing for a fitness competition is not for you and you just want to get in shape without stepping on stage, then you should definitely check out the Online Personal Training weight loss plan.