Client Transformations

Noelle R.

BEFORE: 134 lbs AFTER: 117 lbs

Karen B.

BEFORE: 168 lbs AFTER: 134 lbs

Jill B.

BEFORE: 158 lbs AFTER: 143 lbs

Elena P.

BEFORE: 153 lbs AFTER: 141 lbs

Trina M.

BEFORE: 128lbs AFTER: 114

Timeframe: 2 months

Claudia C.

BEFORE: 164lbs AFTER: 129LBS

TIMEFRAME: 4 months

Results: 2nd place – First competition SAF

Monika D.

BEFORE: 170 lbs AFTER: 149 lbs


BEFORE: 125 lbs AFTER: 114 lbs

Melyssa H.

BEFORE: 127 lbs AFTER: 112 lbs


  • First Bikini Fitness Competition – Second place (OPA Naturals)
  • Second Bikini Fitness Competition – First Place (OPA Open)
  • Third Bikini Fitness Competition – Second Place (Provincials!)

Racheal R.

BEFORE: 147 lbs AFTER: 135 lbs


  • First Bikini Fitness Competition – Third place (OPA)

Alana F.

BEFORE: 155 lbs AFTER: 135 lbs


  • First Bikini Fitness Competition – Second place (OPA Open)


BEFORE: 125 lbs AFTER: 112 lbs

More Transformations

Emily C.

BEFORE: 154lbs AFTER: 138LBS


Lindsay R.

BEFORE: 159lbs AFTER: 143LBS


Janie C.

BEFORE: 117lbs AFTER: 105LBS


BEFORE: 159 lbs AFTER: 145 lbs

BEFORE: 175 lbs AFTER: 155 lbs

BEFORE: 153 lbs AFTER: 128 lbs TIMEFRAME: 4 Months

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Clients’ Testimonials

  • “I can truly say that my daily habits and routine will never be the same – in a positive way! I had been going to the gym 3-4 times a week for roughly 10 years and found I was not getting the results I wanted. Ana was wonderful and encouraging throughout my entire program. I trained with her for 12 weeks, seeing her twice a week. She not only provided a workout routine for my non-PT days, but also provided a full nutrition plan set out in three phases. I achieved my goal and have the confidence to continue living a healthy lifestyle, especially with the maintenance plan she provided me with.

    Ana and Ivan have a great thing going for them and I wish them all the best, with continued success.
    Thanks again for all that you’ve done for me over these last few months.”

    Monika D.
  • “I’ve been struggling to lose weight for years and am so happy to have found BMBB. The 8-week plan was easy to follow and very effective. I’ve been able to keep losing weight even after the program finished and have now lost almost 20 pounds.

    Ana is a great coach. She is encouraging, always available when you need advice and really knows her sh!t. I feel very confident that I can keep losing all the weight I need and will keep it off because she’s shown me exactly what I need to eat, how much to exercise and, most importantly, how much I can cheat on my diet without regaining. (This is essential because no one can diet forever!).

    I highly recommend this program, it’s worth every penny.”

    Christina F.
  • “I really enjoyed my 10 weeks of prep for my first bikini competition with BMBB. Training with Ana was both personal and professional, and always flexible. She is very passionate about training her clients.

    Ana’s coaching methods and diet plans was exactly what I was looking for to prep for my show.
    She is a previous competitor so she was able to share her personal experience and best practices with me. I definitely recommend hiring someone who has competed themselves and who has knowledge of how the body works like Ana.

    I also liked working with Ana because she has a coaching style that motivated me to train. Another plus was workouts and diet plans were delivered on a timely basis. Ana also interacts with her clients via email and text.

    I highly recommend you try BMBB services for its flexibility as a training service and their ability to deliver results.

    My results are posted on her ig page!”

    Racheal W.
  • “Best way to stay in shape! I have been loving Ana and Ivan’s classes for 3 years now, and I am addicted. They run such fun workouts, and every class is different so you never get bored. They also take the time to get to know you, and build a personal relationship with all their girls. When you have fun, and everyone gets along, there is nothing better for a work-out program. I tried to join a gym and workout on my own, but then you always say “i’ll go tomorrow” and you never do. With these classes I know 2 days a week I have to go, so it’s worth it. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Come join in on the fun :)”

    Sarah E.
  • “Ana and Ivan’s bootcamp classes are truly one of a kind in the city. If you are the kind of a girl or woman who wants to push yourself to the next level, to be really challenged during workouts, to also learn about good nutrition and find what works for you to get the best results, then this is the place for you. I’ve been going to Ana’s bootcamp for a few months, and here are some of the highlights for me:

    – The classes are never catered to the ‘lowest common denominator’. They are always challenging, and Ana makes sure that you are pushing yourself as hard as you can

    – It’s a great community. Have you been to those fitness classes where participants always change, and even if you see the same people, you barely say hi? Ana’s classes are not like that. Most of the girls sign up over and over again, you get to know everyone, and they are all amazing and motivated people who make you look forward to going to class.

    – Ana and Ivan walk the talk. There are too many professionals in the fitness industry who don’t necessarily practice what they preach, and/ or don’t know how to teach what they know to other people. Ana and Ivan know what they are doing, live by those principles, and are great at teachign them, which brings me to my next point…

    – Results! You will see them! No matter how stubborn your body has been with letting you see a change, whatever your goal is, BMBB will get you all the information and support you need

    – And finally, what I love most about working with Ana, is that she is a genuinely good person who is fun to be around and truly cares about you and your progress. Fitness journey, whatever your goals are, is always uncertain and challenging, and there are slips and pitfalls and emotional challenges and ‘life gets in the way’ kind of days, and it is invaluable to have someone who can guide and support you in that journey.”

    Tanya Y.
  • “I’ve been doing bootcamp classes with Ana & Ivan for almost 3 years now. The workouts are never the same & are never boring, they keep coming up with variations of the different exercises & make them harder every time. The classes are never easy, but we always have fun in class. There’s great camaraderie between all the girls & we invariably end up laughing in class while working out. Their nutrition plans are great & they work !! You even get cheat days so you don’t end up going crazy with cravings. I’ve enjoyed doing the classes & I’m someone who doesn’t like working out even though I really need it. Definitely one of the best bootcamps in Toronto!!”

    Naaznin P.
  • “I started with BMBB in early spring this year after a year-long hiatus from working out. I had done bootcamps before and saw BMBB from a number of different websites that ranked its user experience quite highly. I walked into class thinking it’ll be another standard bootcamp class. While the exercises were familiar, the camaraderie and atmosphere was not. Girls were having fun in the class and it was motivating to be in the same room with women coming from all sorts of fitness levels. Don’t get me wrong, I hate stairs to this day but having to do it with the girls in my class made it fun!

    Summer came along and I decided to sign up with Ivan for personal training sessions. I had never done personal training before and had no idea what to expect, much less what to do. Ivan is a patient, funny, motivating, and over-all great trainer. He is super flexible and can modify any workout to what you are feeling that day, what you can do, and where you want to be. Together, we had a plan. He would lay out the general structure of the workouts and I, happily, would follow along. He never chided me for the endless complaints/rants I had during our sessions and after only a few weeks, I started feeling even more progress. My strength was improving, my health was getting better, and more importantly, my spirit was happy. I would walk out of every session with Ivan feeling fantastic. He always entertained my love of squats and after being introduced to deadlifts, I was a believer.

    I am not a salesperson but I have had my numerous share of health problems. Four years ago, I took regular steroid injections for my arthritis. Earlier this year, I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without feeling dizzy and panting. After 6 months with BMBB and Ivan, I walk up and down 6 flights of stairs every day (with no pain at all) and have boundless energy. What’s even more important is after 10 years, I can finally get off the majority of my medications for my health. That, beyond anything a scale or measuring tape can tell me, is what BMBB gave me. It gave me my life back and shown me that I can lead a healthy life.

    So thank you, Ivan and Ana, for your uplifting motivations and the endless energy and passion that you bring to classes. If I could rate this beyond the 5 stars, I would.

    P.S. I think you should rename your company to “Build My Life, Soul, Body, Beautiful”. Cheesy, yes, but entirely true…”

    Karen L.
  • “I have been working with Build My Body Beautiful trainers for almost 2 years and it has been a great experience and definitely made a difference in my health, food choices and overall lifestyle. I have seen a lot of positive changes in my body through a lot of hard work and motivational classes given by the trainers. I would definitely recommend this fitness program to my friends.”

    Surina S.
  • “I have been working with Ana and Ivan for 6 months now and have done both the Fit & Firm and the Build N Burn classes and they are amazing. I have lost 15 pounds and am in the best shape of my life.

    Ana and Ivan are incredibly encouraging and supportive individuals who genuinely want to see you reach your goals and become healthier. They will provide modifications if you need them (due to injuries or if a part of you is sore that day) but they will also push you to keep working and try something crazier than you ever thought you’d be able to do. They also encourage all the girls to eat properly, they have amazing tips and diet plans if you are looking to incorporate a better diet.

    When I started I was worried that I would be “that person” who was awkward and had no idea what I was doing. Well, I was that person, but the girls were amazing and encouraged me to keep going. The girls are always there to motivate you and encourage you to do one more push up or burpee. I have made some great friends in my classes, the atmosphere is amazing. They are always there (along with Ana and Ivan) to give you tips on how to feel less sore the next next day, new recipes, what protein bars taste the best or what new gym shoes to get.

    Before starting with BMBB I had only voluntarily stepped into a gym a couple of times, I had had multiple gym memberships I didn’t use and my idea of eating healthy was adding vegetables to my pizza. BMBB has changed all of that, I even look forward to the classes now!”

    Chelsey M.
  • “Best bootcamp ever. Will never go anywhere else! I’m feeling so fit now thanks to their programs”

    Amie L.
  • “I have been doing Ana and Ivan’s bootcamp for over a year now and I keep going back because it is definitely one of the best out there. The workouts are hard but fun and time goes by pretty fast. You also get a complete nutrition plan to follow throughout the bootcamp to keep you in the right track and if you follow the guidelines, you are guaranteed to see results. The girls in the class also make the class really fun. You will work your ass off when you’re in class and they always make sure you are doing it right to avoid any injuries. Ana and Ivan are also always available for any support you might need throughout the program which is pretty amazing as I haven’t been to many bootcamps where the trainers are genuinely interested in helping you and approachable at all times. :)”

    Pratistha B.
  • “I have been in and out of Ana’s bootcamp classes for over two years.  Her classes are never boring, the women are amazing, fun and wonderful (this is not the place to show off your new gym wear – everyone in this class works their ass off) but more importantly, Ana’s classes get results.  i love that her classes are not intimidating.  We sometimes get new girls in our classes and Ana spends quite a bit of time with them making sure that they understand what the movements are and how to do them properly.  This class is non-stop.  My first couple of classes made me nauseous and very very achy, to the point when I can barely go up the stairs.  Don’t be alarmed. It gets better and you get stronger.

    I foolishly tried a couple of other bootcamp classes in the City and unfortunately none of them really compare to Ana’s classes, they really are the best.  If you’re  new to bootcamp, don’t be discouraged to try it.  Everyone goes at their own pace and women in this class come in every shape and sizes.  If you stick to it, you will get results – it’s guaranteed.  Some of the women we train with now, I swear you wouldn’t recognize if you saw their before pictures.  

    Happy training!” 

    Raquel C.