Online Bikini Competition Coach, Figure Contest Prep

Are you thinking about participating in a fitness competition? Do you want to get in the top shape of your life and look like a bikini or figure model? Being a fitness competitor takes a lot of courage, because you are judged based on your looks by hundreds of people. With that being said, it is also the most rewarding journey that you will ever experience. Those who have competed before, know this amazing feeling of being on stage looking your absolute best and the unforgettable rush of adrenaline when you stand in front of hundreds of people! With the help of an qualified online bikini competition coach you can be well on your way of experiencing the excotong of stepping on stage!


Preparing for a fitness show consists of many factors that are often overlooked by novice competitors. Aside from training and diet, things like posing, make up, tanning, picking the right suit for your body, shoes and hair all come together, when you are on stage and getting one or more of these factors wrong, will make or break your performance. With all the assorted information available
online today, it may seem that you can figure it out all on your own. But this information is based on the experiences of other people, with different bodies than yours. Our approach has helped over 90% of our clients place in their very first show!

Online Contest Preparation Package is a great way to hire a professional Online Bikini Competition Coach / Figure Contest Prep Coach, that can help structure your workouts and diet to get you stage ready.  This eliminates all the guess work and overwhelming clutter of information of contest prep workouts and diets found online, so that you have a program tailored just for you!
Below is a breakdown of each session with your online bikini competition coach / figure coach:

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Preparing someone for a fitness show is a very close and personal process. Before we begin to write your contest prep program and a nutritional plan, we ask you to fill out our questionnaire. This allows us to get know you better and outline the best plan of action to achieve your goals of becoming a fitness competitor. It also helps us to determine how long it will take for you to be competition-ready.

Step 2: Download Our Mobile App

All of our programs are delivered through our exclusive mobile app, with all the tools you need to succeed! Some of the features include video demonstrations of the exercises, food tracking tools, progress graphs and workout calendar. You will receive an email from us with all the instructions on how to download the app (available on Google Play and iTunes), create an account and login.

Step 3: Start Using Your Program

You will receive a notification from us, once your program is ready (usually takes about 2 days) and it will be added to your workout calendar in the Body Beautiful mobile app. At this point, you may have a few questions, so feel free to message us using the app’s built in messenger – we are here to help!

Step 4: Progress Review

We will monitor your progress on a weekly basis, so you must stay diligent with updating your profile in the Body Beautiful app. Submit your pictures, log your food intake and upload your body composition measurements. We will update your program based on your results to avoid hitting plateaus and ensure that you are moving closer to your goal every week.

Your Online Competition Prep Package Includes:

  • A customized exercise program
  • An individualized diet plan
  • Progress tracking chart so that you always know how close you are to your goals
  • Ongoing support via email
  • Assistance in outlining your goals, finding the best show for you
  • Guidance with tanning, posing suit, shoes and jewellery,
  • Helping you book your hair, tan and make up for the show
  • Assistance with posing
  • All the programs are delivered via our exclusive mobile app