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  • Take care of areas such as belly, legs, butt and arms
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  • Track your weight and other body metrics
  • Interact with other women with similar fitness and weight loss goals and share your success
  • Connect your FitBit, Twitter, and Life-Fitness accounts
  • Stay on track with your Body Beautiful Diet Plan by logging your food
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I’ve been struggling to lose weight for years and am so happy to have found BMBB. The 8-week plan was easy to follow and very effective. I’ve been able to keep losing weight even after the program finished and have now lost almost 20 pounds.

Christina F

“I was able to lose the desired weight and feel healthier while not giving up important things in life (including having that bottle of wine or checking out that new restaurant).”


“I’d like to thank Body Beautiful for getting me through the good and bad times of my prep and helping me stay positive.”

Shereen D



  • Industry’s top experts on women’s wellness


  • Easy to follow workouts designed for working on problem areas like belly, butt, legs and arms


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