There is nothing wrong with it, and it may have its place in someone’s program. But the notion that it’s impossible to lose weight without cardio is a myth!

First of all, I would like to congratulate my online client Brittney, who brought home a hefty medal from her very first bikini competition. She worked hard and heeded her diet plan to the T. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that this firecracker will come back with a medal!

lose weight without cardio

This is pretty cool, considering that she has done ABSOLUTELY ZERO CARDIO all throughout her competition prep!

Cardio has its place, but it should only supplement your program. I am not saying don’t run if you like it, or don’t go hiking. What I am saying is that you don’t have to do hours of cardio daily to achieve weight loss. It may help some women of course, but majority of us can achieve great results, without stepping on a treadmill once.

The secret is to figure out a diet plan and a workout routine that would work for your body and your body only. Everyone is different, so figuring out what works for you may take a few weeks. But continuously measuring your progress and tweaking your program will eventually get you there.

Brittney had a fantastic performance and brought home a silver medal without putting her body through the stress of endless cardio. She definitely worked hard at the gym! She just didn’t need to go to extremes of spending 10 hours a week on a cardio machine (which I am sure made her contest prep so much more pleasant!).

Whether you are a cardio fan or not, know this: you can achieve your goals and maybe even surpass them by simply following a weight lifting exercise program and a sensible diet plan. YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT WITHOUT CARDIO!

Here is the program that Brittney used to get ready for the show.