personalized fitness for women


personalized fitness for women


personalized fitness for women

” I have more strength and more energy than I’ve ever had in my life (as well as a bunch of now-too-big pants).”

Vicky M.

“You can’t get better results anywhere else!”

Lori G.

“I lost the desired weight and I must say this is the only thing that I have done that has truly worked for me”

Barbara A.

Online Fitness Programs for Women

Fitness Coaching

Need a fitness pro that would help you get fit? Try our custom-tailored programs, we will provide a fitness plan, set goals and stay in touch with you throughout your entire journey!

Competition Coaching

Hit the stage with confidence and leave the audience speechless! The most comprehensive online competition prep. From posing to stage make up – we stay with you even on the day of the show.

Custom Diet Plans

Our registered dietitian will develop a customized meal plan that will suit your lifestyle like a glove. Also works great, for those with any dietary restrictions or intolerances.

Body Beautiful App

This is more than just another fitness app. Body Beautiful is an ultimate fitness solution for women, with exercise demonstrations, meal plans and workouts created by us!

Get Fitter Every Week

Lose weight, get in shape and maintain a fit and feminine physique all year round! Body Fit is a fitness system designed with women in mind, where each workout and meal plan are assigned to you based on your lifestyle and preferences.

Ana Plenter

Online Fitness Coach, Founder of Body Beautiful

“My mission is to deliver health and wellness to women and motivate them to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. I want to boost women’s confidence and promote a postitive outlook on life. I treat my ladies in a personal way and all the services found here are provided by me personally.”

Women’s Fitness Blog

My Clients Lose Weight Without Cardio: Here Is How

There is nothing wrong with it, and it may have its place in someone's program. But the notion that it's impossible to lose weight without cardio is a myth! First of all, I would like to congratulate my online client Brittney, who brought home a hefty medal from her...

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